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PHILIP SAVAGE: The Most Controversial Figure of the Century

  • The historic Strobineller (Shift-Master). Last lineal Druid of the only surviving matriarchal clan, who kept alive for centuries the pure oral teachings of ancient Hyperborean spirituality in Northwest Europe, known as Brittany

  • His Breton clan has been the guardian of the biggest and oldest megalithic monument on Earth: Carnac, 3000 years older than Stonehenge

  • Eighteen years of initiation and training by his great-grandmother, grandmother and mother, as the divine harbinger of the next "millennial" shift and the first (and last) Strobineller in Druidic history to have the extraordinary powers of male and female combined

  • He received followers and taught students in the last 12th century monastery of the mysterious Knights-Templars, in his own sacred castle, established on the grounds of the 5th century hermitage of the last living male Druid known in history: Gwenc'hlan (clan of the Light)

    RENOWNED SCIENTIST: Theoretical, Experimental and Applied

  • Paleo-Anthropologist: Revolutionary contribution to Phylogenetics, the science of human and animal evolution

  • Father of Subliminal Influentiality, a psycho-behavioral science of mind-body interactions

  • Criminologist -- Expert in field of subliminalistics (advanced technologies of distant subliminal mind control)

  • Spiritual Physician -- Documented by 50,000 successes and numerous testing under the strictest scientific methodology in prestigious universities and laboratories in US and Europe (i.e. Marie Curie Institute, Paris)

  • Chairman of the scientific "skeptics" association in France: Ethical Committee for Alternative Sciences ECO-HUMANITARIAN HERO: Green Angel with an Attitude

  • Media Star of unprecedented fame -- Broke all European TV "audience" ratings due to his famous healing abilities

  • Charismatic Miracle Worker who drew over 12 million TV viewers (equal to 70 million in American poll analysis)

  • Received up to a quarter million dollars a day, recycled to promote Life, Nature, and Eco-Humanitarian projects

    • Saved from extinction the very symbol of Israel: the Biblical OZNIA eagle
    • Saved threatened elephants, rain forests, dolphins and whales
    • Helped human endangered species (i.e. Canadian and American Indians, Arctic Eskimos)
    • Helped all kinds of threatened human groups (i.e. gays and lesbians, religious and ethnic minorities)
    • Contributed to eco-humanitarian causes throughout the "Third World": i.e. starving African children, reforestation
    • Established the first Archeotherapy Center in Greenland on behalf of colonized Eskimos
    "009" UNDERCOVER SPECIAL AGENT: Paramilitary Counter-Terrorist Squad Leader
  • Youngest lieutenant (Inspecteur) of French political police force in mid-1970s fighting the worst Arab terrorism

  • "Horror" stories working for the right-wing government of French president Valery Giscard D'Estaing

  • "Near-Fatal" clash with French President Francois Mitterand

    REFUGEE IN EXILE: Religious, Ethnic and Political Persecution ("Dalai Lama of the West")

  • French Marxist government organized a political conspiracy against him, his organization, and his work for the Breton Liberation Movement -- International warrant issued for his arrest (1990): Interpol's Most Wanted

  • Fled from Greenland to the United States to seek political asylum -- "Alien" in exile for over 9 years

  • US Federal Court documented his authenticity as a holy man & innocence of politically motivated French charges

  • Won the first (historic) extradition case of a western European citizen when US Federal Magistrate Barry Ted Moskowitz denied extradition of Savage to France based on religious, ethnic and political persecution

    DIVINE PROVER: Incontrovertible Evidence Documenting Extraordinary Effects of his Unique Powers

  • Double-blind randomized tests on children with severe third-degree burns who recovered in phenomenal time, with little or no need for grafting, and on women with herpes zoster (shingles) who "healed overnight."

  • Laboratory experiments on cancer and AIDS cell cultures to demonstrate that cells "have a mind of their own" (i.e. consciousness), and thereby provoke the paradigmatic primer that could usher us into a new scientific era.

  • Author of four books, 40+ articles and subject of hundreds of press articles, TV and radio shows

    ARCHEOFUTURISTIC JUSTICE ENFORCER: Reconciling Man and Nature in Divine Natural Order

  • Strategaia: Earth's Battle Plan -- Bio-Justiciary warfare to enlarge collective bio-consciousness and build new structures in harmony with Divine Natural Law, bringing about the reconciliation of Man and Earth

  • Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics -- Buy back the Earth and rescue the abandoned children in wilderness "windows of hope," urban "biognostic green schools," and pristine "Nature Enlightenment" centers

  • Gaiatricians: Healers of the Earth. Demonstrate by amazing experiments that everyone has the possibility within them to be a true miracle worker. Project: Pick randomly 12 children and teach them to do what he can do.... Create a "wave of healing."

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