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Chairman, Ethical Committee of Alternative Sciences

"I know, this may sound somewhat curious for someone who has spent most of his "paradigmatic warfare" breaking down, again and again, all possible "laws of physics" and each "medical dogma" with my "inter-dimensional" powers, in their best universities and research facilities. Still, when medicine knows how to remain in its own legitimate preserves like surgery and traumatology, for instance, I am honestly one of its greatest admirers. It is not for nothing, that most of my collaborators in Europe and in America have always been... physicians. Then, I supposed that if the French medical board (which has the reputation of being the most conservative and aggressive in the whole world) has always and violently refused to join the French Socialist government in its attacks against me, there must be a very good reason. Actually there are at least two reasons, the first one being my impeccable code of conduct never ever to infringe on medicine as long as medicine stays in its own domain proper. The second more adapted to my favorite kind of "psychological warfare" was that, aside from my unfaltering respect toward physicians (which, even at the apex of my media and public glory, I have always refrained to attack or denigrate), because of my own scientific credentials, I was the chairman of a... skeptic scientific organization in France ("Ethical Committee of Alternative Sciences"). Since I will always show more respect to the most "incompetent" medical doctor than to the most "gifted" so-called "healer" on this planet, I did not mind (indeed I really enjoyed...) doing on my own what the French medical board could not do by itself without incurring much public criticism. All along those years of tracking down "quacks" and "charlatans", I have probably exposed, exiled or sent to prison, more of those abject "health parasites" than the French medical board could even dream of. In truth, the French medical board valued my work and my integrity so much that, to this day, I am the only non-physician, who ever got the extraordinary privilege of a highly laudatory article in the "French Journal of Medicine". My "combat methodology" against those "quacks and "charlatans" was extremely simple, extremely brilliant and, in the same time, extremely... Breton, if you still remember what I wrote earlier: Each time that one of those fakes was showing any more arrogance than his status of mendacious maggot should permit, he received an official notice from my organization which stated, in substance, that there was for them a "good news" and a "bad news". The "good news" was that they were invited (at my own expense) to undergo a comprehensive series of tests within the best scientific facilities in Europe on their alleged "skills" or "techniques". Should they succeed in completing them, they would be perfectly entitled to use those results for their own self-promotional needs. But, should they fail and be exposed as frauds, they would have either to cease immediately their fraudulent (indeed criminal) activities or get ready to take full legal responsibility for their misdeeds... This certainly did not make me very popular among all the would-be "healers" and other "quacks" of so-called "holistic medicine", but it gave me widespread popular support and gained me the enthusiastic respect of the French medical board." (The Warshal, 15-9)

In fact, the French medical board supported Philippe Sauvage's work so enthusiastically that this ['notoriously conservative and highly belligerent' (Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 40)] organization refused to participate in the "psychotic conspiracy of the French political establishment... [and] greatly contributed to putting shameful discredit on the French machination here in the U.S." (Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 160)

Philippe Sauvage's work with this Committee is one of innumerable examples proving himself as the master strategist in this war against Evil. In the chaotic intersection and competition between modern Western medicine, 'alternative medicine' and 'parapsychology' and society-at-large which is forced to choose between competing modalities, Sauvage established and enforced a new 'hyper-paradigm' (= 'peiradigm') based on proof. In other words: if you want to claim yourself as a 'healer', 'put up or shut up!'

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