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Ever so much as man 'progresses', he destroys bridges to the past in his desire to control the future, and in so doing man demolishes the very foundations upon which that future could possibly be stabilized. It is an inescapable fact that the causal links from 'past' to 'present' are necessary context for our ability to adapt to the future. Without that context, we are lost; this world is overflowing with the symptoms of palimpsested history and all of the pain and unhappiness and dis-ease in your life (whether you perceive them or not) are proof that the Truth of ancient wisdom, science and lore has been forgotten.

Philippe Sauvage was born into this life as the last of his ancient Hyperborean Druidic Clan. As he puts it...

"... I grew up inside an immemorial 'super-shamanistic' tribe (the very real thing), whose 'powers' and 'wisdom' date back to the dawn of your Neolithic age. My clan has been serving the Earth, the Forests, the Animals and our ethnos without interruption or adulteration since then. We have been chased down and ruthlessly exterminated like our brethren the Wolves. We barely survived until this day, due only to fifty centuries of deep underground clandestinity. My mother, my grandmother and I are the only survivors of what can be called a darn successful genocide..." (Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 19)

The ancient lore of Philippe's Clan included a prediction of its eventual demise and a pivotal role it would play even at the end of its own path. Philippe tells the story in this way, while including some insight into the necessary ramifications on his own 'childhood':

"My entire childhood, starting at the earliest phase imaginable, seemed to have been essentially committed to annihilating the "self" in me, as completely, as ruthlessly, indeed, as cruelly as possible. What, for any previous member of my lineage, was only "standard operating procedure", reached on me unprecedented new heights. I owe that terrible "favor" to two distinct elements. Even though I do not wish to elaborate on that subject at that point, according to a legend that dates back to the very incipience of my "Clan’s radiation", when its eventual spiritual termination would have come, from its very midst a very special being should arise. From an exclusively gynarchal tradition, although "he" would culminate feminine powers within, an external "male" should come, adding to those feminine powers, unique "martial" powers of his own. Thusly supplied with a "power spectrum" that far exceeds anything that could have been previously observed within any other member of the lineal "radiation", this being called in my language "Strobineller" (whose literal and poetic translation means" "Lord of the Whirlwind"; whirlwind in Celtic Breton also signifies something like "Sacred Magic"), would come when the time of THE "cosmic shift" is imminent, when the ancient "Druidic Hyperborean" tradition is ready to be dissolved in order to be reborn as mere contributive part of a much higher non-divisive universal "super spirituality". (The Warshal, 2-5)

In etymological digression, Philippe provides this:
"The ancient root "strob-" (as in "stroboscope", "strobile" or indeed "catastrophe" = "kata + strephein" = "overturn", "stropheus" = "hinge") relates to a fundamental notion of "whirl", "spin" or "turn," in its strongest and most "magical" acceptation. (It is indeed the same root that is used in Celtic to describe the "highest form of "Sacred Magic"). The second root "el-" not unlike its Semitic counterpart, refer to an idea of "Divine" or "lordship". Literally translated, Strobinneller, would sound like "the Lord of the Magical Whirlwind" or "he who handles the Divine Whirlwind". Less poetically, it just refers to times of fundamental cosmic shift and cosmic spin wherein someone could be of some assistance at the occasion of those catastrophic changes."   (The Warshal, 10-8)

"If I were a "messenger" my "credentials" would check out with more validity than what man usually requires in any such circumstance. Through my own lineage, my ethno-cultural legitimacy dates back to times probably too distant for human memory even to compute. Then, in this life alone, I have already experienced and accumulated more feats and more torments than the most delirious proponents of "reincarnation" would dare purport for hundreds of past existences. Before I finally came to realize that rather than a "messenger," I was, in fact, the "message" itself, I have been a "holy man", the living repository of all that is left of the ancient Euro-Aboriginal sacred lore and the cultural symbol of a very rich cultural minority in Western Europe: The so-called "Celtic Breton" nation whose "cultural torch" and "spiritual substance" my direct ancestors had the privilege and misfortune faithfully to conserve and uphold throughout times of unspeakable persecutions."   (The Warshal, 0-1)

Were Philippe's background to go no further back than this present physical life, you would still be forced to recognize his complete uniqueness in 'recorded history.' Yet he contains a living memory spanning the millennia and eons facilitating his current role as 'First Contact' for the Awakening. All of which (from Philippe Sauvage's ethno-cultural background, to his powers manifest under scientific and media scrutiny, to his experience in warfare and law enforcement, to his contributions in paleontology to his present 'coming out' as Lycurgus) is to say that Philippe Sauvage's entire essence is to serve Life and Justice and usher in a new scientifically demonstrable era of awareness and discovery for that portion of humanity which is ready for the next phase of Life. Just as Philippe has transcended the cultural limitations of his Hyperborean Druidic Clan and ethnos to fill a role as large and small as the cosmos, he asks each of us to surpass our own limitations in whatever size and shape they come and grow to the full of our respective potentials.

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