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In his own words: "At the age of twenty four (but deep inside I was already four times as old...) ...I contributed then to the advancement of 'human knowledge' through my work in the field of Human-Paleontology (a.k.a. 'Ethology'). In my [2000 page] thesis on human evolution, I endeavored to reconsider entirely the very principle of phylogenesis." (Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 20) "[This] ground-breaking Magnum Opus in Paleontology on the Phylogenesis and Involution of the Human Species is unparalleled and destined to rock-the-boat of traditional science in ways most beneficial to the true evolution of the species."

Philippe Sauvage's prediction for the future of anthropology:

"People have no idea whatsoever how essential paleontology really is. To most, it is only something like a 'dusty scientific domain' with a few old decrepit bearded men, digging here and there for fossils and then writing long boring treatises of little interest. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, I proclaim with the utmost solemnity, that paleontology as a whole is the most explosive, indeed the most sensitive field, in the whole of science. Remember how prophetic George Orwell's words were: 'Who controls the present controls the past and who controls the past controls the future'... Who indeed controls the truth about your own evolutionary past has full control on your deeper identity. Of all the scientific fields within modern science, paleontology represents both the most ideologically 'loaded' and deeply influential upon people's psyche when, in the same time it is ... the weak link of the entire scientific paradigm. Although it forces me to make a very short digression, I think it is of the utmost importance for the reader to realize the extreme fragility of paleontology. In the same time, it will also put the most cruel emphasis on the staggering limitations of the human mind which seems sometimes capable of remarkable intellectual achievement while, most often, it lacks the most fundamental cognitive faculties. By so confronting a few paleontologists (paleo-herpetologists, especially), I would be an hypocrite to hide that I took some pleasure at destroying within less than half an hour of my argumentation, sometimes thirty or forty years of their professional life..." (The Warshal, 7-10)

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