PHILIP SAVAGE, Ph.D., Father of the Science of Subliminal Influentiality, Eco-Humanitarian champion of ALL persecuted and oppressed groups, last living representative of ancient matriarchal lineage of Druidic (Hyperborean) origin, is renowned throughout Europe and America for his extraordinary "healing" results on thousands of human and animal subjects. These results are documented by empirical studies, as well as personal authoritative reports, press articles and media documentaries.

Using Dr. Savage's advanced science and technology of Morphogenic Cybernetics (MCC), anything is possible! MCC may be applied in ANY crisis (personal, existential, business, political, health.) Every person, organization and agency has a need for MCC, and CAN use it.

  • HEALTH: Bio-restorations of patients, including animals, suffering or dying from any kind of disease, including so-called incurable ones. Rejuvenation: Reverses the degenerative aging process ("Plastic Surgery") without surgery. Recovery of individuals, families, groups from any trauma, crisis or threat: Rape victims, genetic defects, children's problems/retardation, cult abductions, drug addiction.
  • ENHANCEMENT of healthy people, athletes, CEO's, racehorses -- of anyone in competition to win. Optimization - Be all that you can. Partial or complete brain resets (which corresponds to a new existential "blank slate"), depending on the need of the individual.
  • MORPHOGENIC TRANSFORMATION. . . Blending the DNA and morphic images of different persons in order to bring about dramatic results PREDEFINED by the client. Unlimited applications for individuals, businesses, private and international security.
  • Results of Philip Savage's unique non-physical processing are unparalleled, unprecedented and extraordinary. What he does is shift the realities of his recipients, taking care of the CAUSE of the suffering not the symptoms. After his processing, Catharsis takes place with all the beneficial outcomes one can only dream of. Philip Savage trades his unique powers in exchange for concrete reciprocity to fund his eco-humanitarian and scientific work. When the reciprocity is acceptable, the exchange is effective, and the results are astounding, as documented in the many, many cases found on this website.

    Students have only a very short time left to make the best investment of their life. Philip Savage has agreed to delegate some of his powers to a few special ones who qualify to learn something so extraordinary that even though they may have no prior skill in the art of healing, after proper training they will become outstanding etho-therapists -- "head and shoulders above any known 'healer' on the face of this earth." This unique opportunity to make a business out of something people crave so deeply will not last long.

    TO CONTACT PHILIP SAVAGE'S TEAM:       (+1) 760-494-0084