Language, specifically the spoken and written word, has become the medium which fallen humanity has come to rely upon for communication with each other. Yet such language has itself devolved under criminal neglect by its practitioners. Even as new words are created to be names for new developments, entire dictionaries of contextual grammar and concept are lost. Search for older dictionaries of your own language and you will find a cosmos or two of words no longer used or even recognized... How much more so the depth and meaning for each word yet still in use. Whereas one word 100 or 300 years ago (let alone 1000 or 2000 years ago) may have had 5, 10 or 15 meanings, now that word has only two or three definitions. Wisdom and Truth are the casualties when such desecration and Orwellian 'word destruction' is perpetrated against our tools of communication with each other and ourselves. For people who mistakenly wonder why all these 'new' words (which are not new, just forgotten) are used and presented in this website, we suggest you read or re-read George Orwell's 1984 to catch unmistakably the lengths to which an Evil Genius will go in order to remove the semantic tools (and therefore the capacity of thought) necessary to comprehend your environment and your inherent rights, duties and capacities. Recognize, for example, that most people around the world don't know the meaning of 'liberty'; even in the 'land of the free and home of the brave', the meaning of the word is now subject for debate and continual redefinition. Virtually all, if not all, around the world have lost consciousness of the true 'Divine', 'Truth', 'Justice', 'Life', 'Honor', 'Duty', etc. You may think you know what these are, but there are enormous depths to these concepts, words, or eggregores that even the imagination of man has forgotten or of which man has been divested. Into this pit of political correctness and thoughtcrime, 'doublethink' and confusion was born the Being we now know as Philippe Sauvage.

In short, the common language of today is completely inadequate to transmit the Truth and Wisdom retained and intended to be transmitted by Philippe Sauvage. The most efficient method of transmitting what needs to be revealed is the resurrection of dead language and the re/construction of words and phrases, the combination of which in Sauvage's discourses provides and/or hints at deeper meanings. The truth is here for the willing to learn.

For deeper context on this extremely potent dynamic of language as the link to potential, we provide this excerpt from The Warshal:

Even for an "inter-dimensional" being like me whose semantophoric capacities are extremely different from, let us say, an average human being (without judgmental connotation, whatsoever), it still constitutes a definitive logical impossibility. Indeed, to be totally honest, I am convinced that my "inter-dimensionality", so to speak, only consists to know what I know not... and be capable to live with such terrible truth, the truth of the definitive certainty of one's own fundamental cognitive bounds or limitations. Intellectual humbleness truly is the only path toward superior wisdom. The fact that I may be free from debilitating illusions such as "self", "death" or even that of "time" should theoretically give me a substantial edge in terms of better comprehension of the true nature of the world and of its most essential processes. In point of fact it does not. It just teaches me this intellectual humbleness that I was mentioning before. It keeps me from wasting my existential energy trying to look for answers to questions that I should not be asking. It helps me "dissolve" myself into the flow of "cosmic wisdom" that is freely and equally afforded to all living things of the whole universe in the same "universal language" which, by its very nature, "speaks" to all in such a way that structural or sensorial differences, no matter how immense they may be, cannot form an obstacle to "process" the type of "information" it "channels". Therefore, what I am requesting from the persons who are reading those lines is this sort of "intellectual humbleness". It is the only way by which they can hope somehow to share some elements from this "cosmic wisdom" which does not flow from me to them but from the very "source" to all of us, freely and equally, as I have just mentioned it before. My "role" in the operation is to become some sort of a semantic simplifier and cognitive "midwife" in what should ultimately be the first contractions of their own "essence delivery". What I am intent on giving birth to is their "truth", your "truth", not mine. Although all livings things in this universe are ultimately one, still we all are inherently different for the "greater good" of Life's "divine" synergy. Therefore, for the very sake of the "Highest Truth", all synergistic "truths" ought to be slightly, sometimes dramatically, diversified. I know how unusual my second "request" may sound like also but perhaps, before moving to the next stage, you should try to "meditate" or retreat from your habitual reality (I certainly shall...) in the way you feel the most comfortable. You must "lose yourself", entirely, before you can be "replenished". Most of all, you must relinquish your own "spatio-temporal bearings," or the illusion thereof, since your "truth" can only be born from your very "nothingness" which, I hope that you will understand it, is the same as your ultimate "allthingness".      (The Warshal, 7-4)