Criminologist, Paleontologist, Father of Subliminal Influentiality,
Chairman of Scientific Skeptics Board, Author and Bio-Cosmic Justice Enforcer

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  • Philip Savage: The Most Controversial Figure of the Century
  • On Philippe Sauvage: Scientific Reports and Testimonies
  • Historic Decision by US Federal Judge Moskowitz in favor of
         Philippe Sauvage:

         Extradition Denied -- Religious Freedom Defended (excerpts)

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  • The Philip Savage Story
  • International Institute of Geosomatics (1991)
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  • Full Spectrum Mind Dominance
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  • B'rith Esh
  • Breakthrough in Burn Recovery
  • The Philip Savage Story
  • Historic French TV Appearance
  • US Congress Political Support Letters
  • Summary Report by Dr. Jacobsen

  • 1999
  • Interview with AVALLAC'H
  • AVALLAC'H: Operational Procedure of Ethiatrics
  • Journey Into the Absolute Elsewhere
  • The BURN STUDY, "Clinical Trial..."
  • The SHINGLES STUDY, "Distant Healing Study of Herpes Zoster,"
  • Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics
  • Fate Quake
  • Summary of Philip Savage Case
  •    Philippe Sauvage has accomplished more in one of his 50 Earth years than any human dreams of in a lifetime. The contents of this page offer the barest sketch of his unbelievably dramatic career as Bio-Cosmic Justice Enforcer. Humanity has been not only blessed by his very presence this past half century, but just as we have begun to reap full force the effects of our own carcinogenetic destruction of our planetary organism (the Geo-Self), Philippe Sauvage has arrived to usher the Worthy through the cataclysmic geopolitical, geological, atmospheric and immunological disasters now emergent.

    As you absorb these documents, take note of the depth of purpose and conviction spilling forth from the pages of his own writing, feel the honor his collaborators and supporters express in appreciation for having the privilege of working with or learning from him or receiving the benefits of his gifts. Philippe Sauvage has been child and parent, warrior, high ranking covert government agent and Interpol's "Most Wanted", police officer and hunted by police, scientist, paleontologist, spiritual leader, author, linguist, researcher, theologian and the scorner of theologians. The breadth and depth of his experience in this physical life have prepared him well to fill a most dramatic role, which is not to teach dogma, but to end ALL false teaching and restore Truth to the few among the degenerate who have awakened to the vastness of their own potential.

    Know, beyond the shadow of ANY doubt, that you are now introduced to the greatest figure the inhabitants of this planet have ever seen. Know that this is THE pivotal time of Your Life. Nothing else matters now but what You DO in response to this knowledge (or, most unfortunately, what you do NOT DO). Awaken or not, it is of no consequence to Philippe Sauvage as he completely fulfills his role regardless, but be certain it is of VERY Real Consequence to You. No matter which system of belief to which you adhere that advises you of Final Judgment and the need for atonement and purification, know that we are "judged" finally on what we did NOT do, ... when we have been given the most ample opportunities. Know, also, that at this your most critical hour, Philippe Sauvage, the very Bio-Cosmic Justice Enforcer, will be there, whether you recognize him or not.

    Remember, all of us are "called." Who will answer?


  • Subliminal Hypno-Programming: A New Science and Advanced Technology
  • The OMEGA Brief
  • Report on Testing of Philip Savage, California Institute of Human Science
  • Burn Study Approval Letter: Alta Bates Medical Center, CA
  • Reports on Subliminal Hypno-Programming, US scientists and medical doctors

  • 1997
  • [MINDscape TECHnologies]
  • [Druidic Medicine]

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  • 1993
  • US Federal Judge Moskowitz Decision,
        "Memorandum Decision Re: Petition of France for the Extradition of Philippe Sauvage"

  • 1992
  • Letters to US Judge Moskowitz from Philippe Sauvage Support Committee (French)

  • 1991
  • International Institute of Geosomatics
  • Support Letter from Mohawk Nation, Canada

  • 1990
  • Photos of Philippe Sauvage - Interpol's "MOST WANTED"
  • "Gwezh: The Unbelievable Healer," Videotape of Historic French TV show

  • 1981-1989
  • [Phylogenesis and the Involution of the Human Species]
  • [Hundreds of French press articles, TV and radio show documentation]